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These are our current services. All prices are the same year round. NO HOLIDAY SURCHARGES!!!


Daily Dog Walks: starting at $17 for 25 minutes for up to 2 dogs. (see pricing chart below) This includes walk, playtime, post-surgery check, female in heat check/change, and puppy potty/crate training. This rate applies to services scheduled Monday-Friday during the mid day time frame 11am-1pm for at least 10 days out of the month.

Cat Care: got cats? Cat care for up to 4 cats is $20 per visit. Rates increase for more than 4 cats, ask about rates. Visits usually last about a half hour and include feeding, scooping the litter box, administering meds and playtime.


Vacation pet sits: this service includes all pets who need care when their people are away on vacation. Starting at $20 per half hour for two dogs OR 4 cats. (see pricing chart below). We want to make them feel as if you never left home. They will be comfortable and happy while you're away. This service includes playtime or walks, feeding, and lots of cuddles and affection. Visits usually last about a half hour.


Bedtime Potty This service is a brief late evening potty break before bedtime that does not require feeding or administering medication. Starting at $17 for 20 minutes.


Overnight pet sits: These sits are for any kind of pet. This service is $90 per day, that includes a mid day visit, dinner visit, bedtime sleepover and breakfast the next day. Typically breakfast is served first thing in the morning before the sitter leaves. Dinner can be done in the afternoon usually between 4-6 for a half hour unless a different time frame is specified by you. The sitter returns at bedtime around 9 pm and stays the entire night until breakfast the next morning.


Small Farms We have experience taking care of small farms and farm animals. This includes horses, cows, goats and chickens. We can also help maintain your gardens while you travel. These rates are based on the size of the farm and the number of duties performed per visit. Ask us for a quote today!


Administer Medication: Karma Pets pet sitters are experienced in handling pets and giving pills, ointments, drops, and injections. This service is an extra $2 per administration. All medical information must be provided in writing and include: name of pet, name of medication, dosage, and the name of the vet who prescribed the medication. This fee also applies to any vitamins or supplements you r pet may take. Please be sure your sitter knows the "routine" your pet is familiar with. 
















Payment Types We accept cash, checks, credit card, Venmo or Paypal

Pricing Chart

Daily Dog Walks (25 min)      2 dogs $17      3 dogs $18         4 dogs $19

Cat Care (30 min)                   4 cats $20        5 cats  $21       6 or more $25

Vacation Pet sits (30 min)     2 dogs $20       3 dogs $21         4 dogs $22

                                           (or 4 cats  $20)   (or 5 cats $21)   (or 6 cats $25)

One Hour Super Sit                2 dogs $30        3 dogs $32         4 dogs $34

                                                 3 cats $30         5 cats $32          6+ cats $34

Transport (within 5 miles)     $25 per trip

Farm Care (please email or call for a quote)

Bedtime Potty (20 min)         2 dogs $17        3 dogs $18         4 dogs $19

Overnight pet sits (overnight includes mid day, dinner and breakfast) $90 for up to 2 dogs OR 4 cats. (Rates depend on number of pets. Call for a quote)

House Check (no pets at home)   $15 per visit

Administer medication: $2 per application


Don't see your pet or number of pets on this chart? Please contact us and tell us all about your pets and your care needs.

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